Wednesday, July 18, 2018

21 Nov

Get Creative This Christmas!

Its just under a month until Christmas, with preparations already being made for a fantastic day your garden can easily be forgotten about. Take a little time this month to head out into the garden and get creative. Your garden is a fantastic source of material for decorations and can even become a Christmas display in its own right. Follow these simple steps below to a brilliant value for money Christmas…

1. Transform your bay tree into a beautiful mini Christmas tree!

Bay trees are a fantastic addition to any garden, why not bring yours indoors and make it a mini Christmas tree! As well as being aromatic, bay trees have significant Christmas relevance as they mean prosperity. Try an ‘edible’ theme using dried oranges, candy canes and cinnamon sticks finished off with gingham ribbons. If you want something a little different, fairy lights and white ribbons will give a more elegant look while baubles and other Christmas decorations will really get you in the spirit.

2. Add light to bare stems!

Your winter garden might be looking pretty empty this time of month, lighten things up by adding strings of fairy lights to bare branches.  Either put some lights around your trees outside or bring some branches inside, plant them in a container and use them as a new focal point.

3. Give trimmings a new life!

Leylandii makes a great alternative Christmas tree, it’s evergreen foliage and thick branches work perfectly as a focal point in a smaller home. Saw off any roots and place in a container, making sure it will be sturdy enough to hold decorations. First wrap lights around the small tree and then add your traditional decorations.  Bright red bows can be made at home out of ribbon as well as ginger bread men and cinnamon bunches.

4. Make your pine trees dazzle!

A fantastic second alternative to a Christmas tree is to use part of your pine tree. Simply cut away a sturdy part of your tree and place it in a container with mulch and some moss to disguise the bottom of the pot. Pine trees won’t be as full as a evergreen foliage but you can compensate by draping bright lights, ribbons and a whole host of other decorations over the tree. Pick a colour theme to give an interesting yet simple look.

5. Create bold statements with winter prunings! 

We always encourage our customers and blog readers to keep winter interest in their gardens with a variety of branches. Now we are telling you to move the same fantastic display indoors during the festive season! Take a selection of your favourite varieties and mix them together in a bundle, put them in a container by spraying out the branches allowing them to stand up strong. This decorative piece is all about texture which should be reflected in your decorations. Painted pinecones attached by string and interesting tree decorations are brilliant additions along with a variety of trailing ribbon and clear lights.


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