Monday, June 25, 2018

28 Nov

What Wildlife To Expect This November…

Birds & Bees…

The berries in your garden are a feast for birds, while song thrushes and blackbirds become more noticeable, venturing onto lawns searching for worms and fallen fruit. Small flocks of greenfinches can be a common sight at birdtables, sometimes queuing up with chaffinches and sparrows to take a turn at feeders.

Redwings, Blackcaps and other garden birds will be hanging around this winter to take advantage of our bird tables and feeders. In recent years, some of the birds that breed in central Europe have started to over winter here rather than Africa. They are attracted to the constant supply of food from our gardens when the weather gets cold.

The short journey back to their breeding sites after winter seems to be increasing their numbers. Encourage birds to stick around by keeping up the supply of food in your garden.

The common carder bee can be seen in your garden this month, its a late forager and the UK’s only brown and orange common bumble bee. You’ll notice it by its shaggy hair and it loves to feast on a range of wild flowers. According to the Bumblebee Conservation trust carder bees are doing well, so head out into the garden this month to spot as many as possible!


Also look out for…

Hedgehogs this time of year will making their last round in search for cat food before bedding down for the winter.

Foxes looking lovely in their thick winter coats. The young that you would have seen in September are now leaving their parents and seeking out their own territories.

Earwigs and other garden bugs seeking out dark, dry places to survive the harsh winter months.

You can help out earwigs and other bugs by creating your own winter bug box! To help bugs survive the winter months they need somewhere to shelter out of the rain and cold. A simple bug box filled with stems and twigs is the ideal place for them in the upcoming months. Hollow stemmed plants such as bamboo are best, but loosely spaced twigs do a good job too. Use soft timber to create a box, leaving one side open for your bugs and hang it or place it in a sheltered spot in your garden.




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