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29 Aug

Garden Pests – Slugs & Snails

  Continuing our series of Top Garden pests, today we take a look at Slugs & Snails! 

Prepare for war because these are some of the most worrying pests you’ll find in your garden! Slugs will eat their way into potatoes and feast upon your prize juicy strawberries leaving a myriad of holes, and its no wonder – Slugs have approximately 27,000 teeth! 

Snails will munch holes in your lovely hostas and devastate your salad leaves and devour your cabbages. Slugs are sneaky creatures which often hide during the daytime and thrive at night when the conditions are cool and moist. They retreat into the soil when it is dry and love it when conditions get humid and rainy. 



Slugs will eat almost anything.

Slugs will eat almost anything. They are ruthless creatures & cause a lot of damage in a short space of time


How to spot 

Snails climb and leave a silvery slime trail and nibbled leaves behind. They devour the soft green bits between the leaf ribs, leaving a ‘skeleton’ behind. Slugs are similar to snails in that they eat all parts of leaves but they thrive nearer to the ground, they can even attack underground which is why potatoes can be a prime target. They particularly like new shoots and soft growth, and therefore are likely to be the culprits if you notice new plants that have been eaten away to nothing. 

Read the full article and find out how to treat your garden for Slugs & Snails 

Try removing slugs and snails by hand

Try removing slugs and snails by hand and then relocate then to the hedgerows


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