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09 Dec

What Wildlife To Expect in Your Garden This Month!

December doesn’t seem like the ideal time to spot wildlife in your garden but there are still plenty of creatures in need of your help. The common Shrew may not be the most vulnerable of creatures but they are vital prey for owls, foxes, stoats and kestrels. Watch out for Shrews when you are moving logs and cutting back hedges as this is where they shelter during the winter months. Shrews need to eat every 2-3 hours night and day, they eat a mixture of insects, larvae and invertebrates including earthworms, slugs, snails and beetles so encourage them in your garden.

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Also keep a look out for…

Grey Squirrels

We don’t have Grey Squirrels here in Jersey but many of you may live in the mainland where grey squirrels are taking over the red squirrel population. This isn’t due the grey squirrels being aggressive, they are simply bigger and better at feeding from the ground. This time of year you’ll see them making irregular forays for food from their nests.Hibernating Frogs

Pile up some logs or stones to create the perfect habitat for common frogs. Try to not move their hide-out til spring as you don’t want to disturb them.

…and Hedgehogs!

Hedgehogs have been slowly declining in the last decade. If you see a hedgehog this time of year it’s either too small to hibernate or has woken up early. On warm days hedgehogs might wake early, or be disturbed by our gardening activities. Try to leave clearing any leaf or log piles until spring.

The Big Butterfly Count results are in! This year we encouraged our customers to get involved in the Big Butterfly Count, Britain’s way of knowing whether butterfly numbers are rising or falling. The count confirms that this year’s summer rain coupled with below average temperatures and sun levels made it a terrible year fr the majority of butterfly species. However, some species such as the Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Marbled White saw an increase in numbers. You can visit to see the full results.




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