Wednesday, July 18, 2018

19 Dec

Create a Show Stopping Winter Display!

Its difficult to create a garden that looks fantastic in spring, summer, autumn and winter so gardeners tend to focus on the more colourful and generally easier to maintain seasons. Spring and summer are easily achieved while autumn becomes a little more difficult and winter almost impossible at times. Winter can be a let down to those who have worked hard throughout the year to make their garden look fantastic, many people are happy to let their garden enter into dormancy, but if you would rather get stuck in, we have some fantastic ways to make the most of your winter garden.

In large gardens, one space is often dedicated to winter so there’s interest all year round. If you don’t have a large garden there’s still plenty you can do to have a wonderful display in winter.

If you are planning on re-planting a lot of your garden try to allocate 25% of the space to each season, this is difficult with such an amazing array of bright plants to choose from in summer. There are plenty of stunning winter flowering plants for you to pick from try Holly, Hellebores, winter Clematis, winter Honeysuckle and winter Jasmine to brighten up your garden.

Winter plants aren’t the most colourful so come up with ways to make your garden more exciting. Topiary is a fantastic way of adding interest and creating new shapes in your garden. Instead of conventional hedges, why not try a mixture of winter plants -evergreen climbers mixed with structural palms will look great this time of year.

If you are looking for something a little more immediate, create a container with winter flowering plants for your patio or either side of your front or back door. Try to get your hands on an established potted evergreen for some instant interest. You can move pots around throughout the seasons, keeping them out of the way in summer and moving them into centre stage during winter.





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