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02 Jan

What Wildlife to Expect this Month!

Natural log feeder

Create a natural log feeder for your garden birds this January to help them survive the winter. A log feeder is ideal because the log will eventually rot down into a habitat for garden insects, who also make a tasty meal for birds.

  • Start by cutting a log or thick branch and drill holes through it from both sides (not the whole way through).
  • Push feed through the holes. We recommend a fat/suet and seed combination.
  • Dig deep hole for your log to stand up in. Bury it and backfill soil, firming it with your foot.
  • Or hang your log feeder from a tree or sturdy branch.

Wreath feeder

Don’t let your wreath go to waste after Christmas, add a little festive cheer to your garden by using your wreath to create a bird feeder. Simply collect some pinecones from your garden or local park and create hanging feeders ideal for robins, coal tits, great tits and bluetits.

  • Firstly take some fat and bird seed mix, either making it yourself or buy it ready-made and put it in a bowl.
  • Attach a length of wire to your pine cones, winding it between the scales.
  • Push your pinecones into the fat and seed mix making sure each pine cone has a thick covering between the scales.
  • Hang the finished pine cone feeders to the top of your wreath or to any branches in your garden.

Big Garden Birdwatch

2013′s Big Garden Birdwatch will take place between the 26th – 27th of January.

Your garden birds rely on you to provide them with a constant supply of food and water to get them through the winter. Summer’s bounty has deminished and birds often struggle to survive this time of year. Providing them with food and nesting sites is essential for their survival and to ensure your garden birds successfully produce a new generation next spring.

Get involved with RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch and help the charity keep track of bird populations in the UK. Take an hour to wrap up warm and sit back in your garden to record the highest number of each species seen at one time. It’s your chance to find out which bird top’s this year’s list.

If you want to really get involved, check out RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch events here! They offer bird walks throughout England and even a bird talk and meal.

Use feed to invite birds into your garden this month; it’ll make your bird watching hour as exciting as possible and really make the difference to your garden birds! Welcome birds into your garden with feed from Jersey Plants Direct! We aim to give you the best value bird feed with free delivery within 10 days of receipt of order.

Click here  to take a look at RSPB’s bird identifier so you know the name of every feathered visitor you see! When you’re finished taking note of your garden birds you can click here to sign up and publish your results.



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