Monday, June 25, 2018

02 Jan

January Garden – Sowing & Planting!

Welcome to the New Year and the start of the next gardening season!

Hopefully, many of you will be thinking up some gardening resolutions, if you are – let the first be maintenance!  Much like December, maintenance is the most important thing this month. Your garden is at its most dormant so there’s plenty of time to plan for spring. You can read more about January garden maintenance by clicking here!

Sowing and Planting

Start to plan ahead by looking at seed catalogues and garden designs for inspiration. What better time to try something new! Sketch out planting plans and crop rotation plans before you start making changes.

If you are lucky enough to have workable ground you can still plant bare root trees, fruit bushes and hedges this time of year.  Bare root roses establish easily if they are planted now, just remember to prune them back to prevent wind rock and encourage new growth from the base.

Fruit and Vegetables

Your vegetable plot may be looking a little bare this time of year. Fill it with winter veg – It’s time to sow salad leaves, bulb onions, sprouting seeds and start growing those greenhouse tomatoes!

If you didn’t choose to harvest your parsnips and add them to your Christmas dinner,  you can dig them up whenever you like this month, they’ll taste fantastic after the frost we’ve had. Artichokes, brussel sprouts, winter cabbage, carrots and leeks also need to be harvested this month.

Check on any stored fruit and veg to make sure they don’t show any signs of decay. Remove all bad fruit and vegetables, separate any left over to reduce the spread of disease and increase air flow.


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