Monday, June 25, 2018

09 Jan

Peter’s January Message & Our Fruit and Vegetable Selection!

Dear Customer,

This special supplement selection is dedicated to the ever more popular fruit and vegetable growing. As the experienced among you will know, growing fruit and vegetables is no more difficult than growing flowers and plants. You don’t even need a garden as many suit containers. All products arrive with simple to follow growing and nurturing instructions so you can’t really go wrong.

You can choose from seeds or “straight in” plants or bare roots specially selected and quality vetted by our horticulturalists here in Jersey.

There are fruits from Cucumbers to Tomatoes to Peppers: Soft fruits from Blackberries to Strawberries: Vegetables from Asparagus to Beans: Potatoes for planters and Easter special Jersey Royals. They’re satisfying to grow and great fun for you, family and friends to enjoy. Remember delivery is free and all products have a 28 day replacement or refund guarantee. So why not get cracking now?

Yours Faithfully

Peter Clark

Horticultural Director.

We have a fantastic range of fruit and vegetables on offer this year, from gooseberries to chillies and Jersey royal potatoes, we have something for every gardener wanting to grow their own.

With our range of fruit plants and trees you can be picking your own crop next summer and delighting family and friends. Easy to grow and maintain and all can be planted directly into your tubs or garden. To take a look at our full range of fruit click here.

You can grow your own vegetables this year from our easy to grow vegetable plants. We have a fantastic selection of asparagus, cucumber, herbs, runner beans, chilli peppers, tomatoes and many more.  They are so easy - the only question you will be asking yourself is why you haven’t done it before!  Look out for our Supremo grafted vegetables with extra resistance to diseases and better crops! They’ll be a brilliant addition to your garden and a great talking point!  To take a look at our full range, click here!

Many of you enjoyed our Jersey new potatoes for Christmas dinner, now you can order them again to add to your easter lunch! There are few varieties of potato that can match the taste of fresh Jersey Royal New Potatoes. We grow our own Jersey Royals, which are hand -planted, grown and picked especially for our customers. They taste divine either boiled or roasted. Click here to find out more!






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