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26 Aug

Garden Pests – Vine Weevil

Wine weevil grubs are creamy white

Wine weevil grubs are creamy white, have no legs, light brown heads are are up to 10mm long

Continuing our series of Top Garden pests, today we take a look at Vine Weevil

Many gardeners are very afraid of this root-eating plant insect, and it’s not surprising because due to this vicious pest suddenly otherwise healthy-looking plants collapse and die. It is one of the most common and devastating of all the garden pests.

Adult vine weevils are particularly dangerous because theirs is a two-pronged attack – they eat the leaves and grubs eat the roots. Furthermore, each adult can lay hundreds of eggs.

The vine weevil used to have a more discerning palate but nowadays they love a wide range of ornamental plants and fruits, especially those grown in containers. Adults feed mainly at night on the foliage of many herbaceous plants and shrubs. Watch out especially for your Camellias Rhododendron, Hydrangea, Bergenia and fuchsias.



Adult vine weevils

Adult vine weevils mainly feed on the foliage of herbaceous plants and shrubs

How to spot

Grubs are creamy-white, have no legs and light brown heads and are up to 10mm (about 3/8in) long. You can find them curled up in a ‘C’ shape among the roots. They don’t fly but are able to climb easily. If you spot them, put a tray down below the plant and they will fall to the ground if slightly disturbed. Often the first signs of damage are only spotted once a plant completely wilts and dies during autumn to spring.

You’ll spot their unsightly, although not fatal damage, by semi-circular notches eaten into the edges of leaves. But the real damage is done by the grubs which feed on the roots.

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