Tuesday, June 19, 2018

18 Mar

What Wildlife To Expect This Month!

March is always a month with unexpected warm days and sometimes, like we’ve learnt here in Jersey – unexpected blizzards! It marks the start of spring and our favourite time in the garden. This month you can look forward to your bulbs popping up all over the place and the first signs of what summer has in store. Its also a time to turn your attention to local wildlife waking up from their winter slumbers and heading back into your garden.

This month you can expect to see plenty of returning visitors and maybe some new creatures if you provide them with water, shelter and warmth. The earliest summer bird migrants will start to arrive so remember to clean out bird houses ready to become home to a new generation of feathered friends. Nest building begins this month for Sparrows, Blackbirds and Robins and you can help them out by collecting twigs and other debris from your garden into piles.

If you are looking to make your garden even more wildlife friendly, its a great idea to create a small freshwater pond. Particularly in March, frogs and toads will be looking for a new home. You can expect plenty of new tadpoles year after year if you create a perfect environment for them to thrive. Remember to include a couple of rocks around the edges to help them climb in and plenty of plants to offer shelter. Goldfish, frogs and toads get on fine and will happily live in harmony.

Bumblebees, like much of our local wildlife are in decline, after a tough winter remaining bumblebees will be buzzing around your garden looking around for the right flowers. Make sure your garden is full of colourful, nectar and pollen-rich flowers when you start planting this spring.

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding foxes this year and you are likely to see new cubs in your local area, even in your garden. Foxes are usually born in March and April in litters of 4 or 5.  Adult foxes are extremely protective over their new-born cubs so try not to disturb fox dens. Foxes will eat earthworms, rabbits, rodents, birds, insects, fruit, carrion and urban foxes will scavenge for left overs.




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