Tuesday, June 19, 2018

18 May

Utilise space with a living wall!

Living walls are a growing trend – and rightly so! They are a fantastic space saving way to garden and add will add new dimensions to your outdoor space. Living walls can be planted with herbs, annuals, perennials and even vegetables. Choose what’s best for your garden, thinking about whether you want to grow your own produce or create a colourful focal point.

It may seem intimidating to try and create something that seems more at home at flower shows than in your own garden but they are easily affordable. You can buy kits online or from garden centres and don’t forget to look at other living walls for inspiration.

You can choose between creating a larger living wall, using all the space available or simply add a smaller version in the centre of the wall.

Try to chose flowers that create year-round interest, plants should be quite compact and don’t forget to plant them so the ones above aren’t over shadowing the others. You can create patterns by blocking colours together.

Plant the living wall when the plants are small so they can become established easier. Follow the same rules you would if you were planting a bed or container, only plant shade-loving plants if the space gets minimal sunlight or vice versa.

For sunny spots chose from Fuchsias, Begonias, Impatiens, Lobelia, Petunia or Salvia. Heucheras, Violas and Pansies work well in shady spots while Lettuce, Herbs, Strawberries or Salad leaves are great edible options.

Make sure to water the vertical wall as much as you would your other plants.


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