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Behind The Scenes – How We Grow Our Plants

How we grow our plants

How we grow our plants from this.....

Nursery plants behind the scenes – How we grow our plants!

Growing nursery plants uncovered! Jersey Plants Direct takes you on a fascinating behind the scenes tour of their nursery in a five-part article.  Each instalment reveals how your plants are grown at Jersey Plants Direct.

The article is broken down into five Nursery Notes segments to include germination, nursery gapping, watering and feeding as well as a behind the scene look at packing and despatch. After reading this article and you will appreciate the level of care and expertise involved in getting the best nursery plants to your door.

These informative Nursery Notes will provide you with the inside scoop on how it’s all done. From seeds to despatch you can see in pictures how nursery plants are delivered to your door. Read the whole article here and find out how growing nursery plants are done in our Jersey nursery. You can see the plants in the germination stages. And even though a majority of watering is computer controlled, the plants are lovingly watered by hand at certain times of the year. See how your plants are meticulously inspected before they are despatched to your home.

Plug Plants ready for despatch this, Plug Plants ready for despatch

Growing nursery plants requires time, effort and care. In this article you’ll appreciate the amount of work that goes on in the nursery at Jersey Plants Direct. In the nursery “when the plants are between 2 to 4 weeks old, we carry out the gapping procedure. Each tray is meticulously checked by staff to ensure that there is a healthy plant in each cell.” Find out more about ‘gapping’ and the skills needed.

Enjoy this fascinating guided tour of Jersey Plants Direct and enjoy all the insights offered on growing nursery plants.

Article – Behind the scenes – How we grow our plants.


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