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Enjoy delicious soft summer gardening fruits this summer


Home grown strawberries are delicous and taste even better because you have grown them!

There’s nothing like strawberries and cream for the quintessential taste of an English summer.  But how do you enjoy a bumper gardening fruits harvest from your garden? Christine Walkden feature writer from Jersey Plants Direct offers some great advice for her favourite gardening fruits like strawberries – she says make sure they are planted in a sunny sheltered and well drained site, they should go on to produce a great crop. She goes on to offer advice on spacing and watering. You can also get advice on how to nurture raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and gooseberries for a good crop. Hopefully you will be able to make some delicious jam or freeze some fruit. Blueberries in particular have very specific soil requirements which should include a large amount of organic matter and be acidic.


Raspberries are a lovely soft summer fruit that are easy to grow in your garden

It’s easy to enjoy a harvest of summer fruits

Christine Walkden says if you follow the feeding and pruning instructions carefully you should be rewarded with flavoursome fruits for your efforts. Raspberries and blackberries need a support system with a simple post and wire framework. When you buy gardening fruits from Jersey Plant Direct you will receive growing guidelines sent with your plants. Gooseberries are another wonderful summer fruit and are grown on bushes spaced about 150cm apart. They prefer a good sunny spot but are capable of producing a satisfactory crop in light shade. There’s nothing like a summer garden filled with delicious soft summer gardening fruits. Follow the advice in this article and it will help you enjoy a lovely yield.

Read the full article on Delicious Soft Summer Gardening Fruits here.


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