Friday, May 25, 2018

05 Aug

Top Bird Care Tip for August – Moth’ers Pride!

Mike Stentiford MBE, feature writer for Jersey Plants Direct offers his Top Bird Care Tip for August:

According to the ‘Handbook of British Summertime’ we should, by now, all be experiencing a few ultra-sunny days and a modicum of sultry sticky nights.

Should this be the dubious case, it might be worth partaking of a little twilight natural histrionics in the confines of a woody garden.  Indeed, it often comes as something of a surprise to find what hops, flits, slithers and crawls amongst the garden borders once we’ve hidden our head under the duvet. Flitting at the top of the night-time flying chart are the moths, and a jolly impressive bunch they are too!

For anyone in doubt try daubing a mixture of mushy rotten banana, black treacle and beer dregs in to the truck of a tree or wooden post. Night-flying moths and a squillion other airborne insects literally go sweetly bananas over such a feast. Just shine your torch over this centre of twilight activity and you’re likely to agree!


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