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15 Jul

Top Bird Care Tip for July – A Paneful Experience

Top Bird Care tip for July

Mike Stentiford MBE, feature writer for Jersey Plants Direct offers his Top Bird Care Tip for July:

One of the most frequent public concerns at this halfway point of the year centres around certain members of the bird fraternity with a somewhat masochistic tendancy!

Masochistic in the sense that some birds – robins, blackbirds and blue tits in particular – seem prepared to endure endless bouts of self-injury by throwing themselves against window panes. I’m sure it’s something we’ve all witnessed from time to time although, generally speaking, its primarily throughout the breeding season that feathers appear to be the most ruffled. The simple cause of all this avian distress is reflection and the fact that a bird not only clearly sees itself in the glass window but imagines itself to be a prime contender in the competitor stakes.

The remedy is to temporilly tape a piece of paper – brightly coloured wrapping paper or a newspaper – to the inside of the window thereby killing any refection from the outside! Although birds have never been known to cause any serious self-inflicting harm with this silly obsession, they certainly don’t do themselves any favours by wasting so much valuable time and energy. Also, for our own part, having a head-banging  bird as a close neighbour is hardly a barrel of laughs is it?

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