Monday, June 25, 2018

23 May

Beat the Drought this Summer!


Many of you have been affected by the hose pipe ban since April. If you’re unclear on what the hose pipe means for you take a look at our ‘don’t do’ list below! Use a hosepipe attached to your mains supply to water your garden or allotment Use a hosepipe to fill a watering can [...]


Published Date: 23 May 2012
Category: Garden Ideas

13 Apr

Create a Drought Tolerant Border & Combat the Hose Pipe Ban!


Some areas in the UK have been under the hosepipe ban since April 5th. This can have both a bad effect on your plants and your back from carrying those watering cans! Make it easier on yourself and your garden by planting drought tolerant plants. Using a hosepipe or sprinkler system made keeping plants healthy easy. To make your garden almost [...]


Published Date: 13 Apr 2012
Category: Garden Ideas
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28 Apr

Create a Drought Tolerant Border!


Many gardens are prone to drought. Why not save time and money by filling your garden with drought tolerant plants! It’s better to be safe than sorry- even moist climates occasionally have droughts and certain parts of your garden may be drier than you think. Luckily, many drought tolerant plants are also tolerant of poor-to-average soils and [...]


Published Date: 28 Apr 2011
Category: Gardening Advice