Tuesday, June 19, 2018

17 Feb

Interested in growing Geraniums? Find out all you need to know!


Geraniums are a firm favourite amongst our customers and many other gardeners. They are a versatile, long lasting bedding plant and thrive in our British climate. Jersey Plants Direct have been supplying Geraniums for many years and our expert nursery staff work hard to grow a diverse selection of Geranium plugs to a high standard. [...]


Published Date: 17 Feb 2013
Category: Spring Bedding
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23 Jan

Time to Order Spring Bedding Plants!


Filling your garden with colour year after year can be extremely expensive. Many of you do not have the time and space to grow your bedding plants from cost effective seeds. Our nursery staff have carefully nurtured your Plug Plants from seed, ensuring they have the best environment possible for successful germination. Plug Plants are [...]


Published Date: 23 Jan 2013
Category: Spring Bedding
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23 May

Create Bold Beds with Vibrant Colour!

Red, Orange and Yellow will fill your garden with warm summer colour.

Give your garden an instant lift with vibrant colour this summer. Create eye catching beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets with beautiful, bright flowers. It’s time to abandon spring pastels and look forward to fantastic colour combinations this summer.  Whether you want a mix of colours in your beds and borders or just one colour in your hanging baskets we [...]


Published Date: 23 May 2011
Category: Gardening Advice
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13 Jan

Brand New Medicinal Plants!


Looking for a natural cure? Look no further!  Since ancient times we have been uncovering nature’s secrets. One of those secrets is the use of plants with medical attributes. Recent medicine is obviously more potent but this doesn’t take away from the effective use of herbal remedies. Medicinal plants are said to treat and heal [...]


Published Date: 13 Jan 2011
Category: Perennials