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17 Feb

Interested in growing Geraniums? Find out all you need to know!


Geraniums are a firm favourite amongst our customers and many other gardeners. They are a versatile, long lasting bedding plant and thrive in our British climate. Jersey Plants Direct have been supplying Geraniums for many years and our expert nursery staff work hard to grow a diverse selection of Geranium plugs to a high standard. [...]


Published Date: 17 Feb 2013
Category: Spring Bedding
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31 Jan

Brand New World Exclusives!

GER070V_310 (1)

Don’t miss out on our unique world exclusive plants! We have two varieties of Geranium and one stunning Begonia that you won’t find anywhere else. We have a limited number available and demand is high – order now to avoid disappointment! All three varieties will arrive as medium plug plants. Medium Plugs are grown in individual cells and [...]


Published Date: 31 Jan 2013
Category: Spring Bedding
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26 Jan

Create Your Own Unique Planting Scheme with our Patchwork Collection!


Don’t miss out on creating your own unique planting scheme this spring using our fantastic patchwork collections. Supplied and labelled by colour in the tray, its easy to create a sea of block colours or a stunning mix of pastel shades with our patchwork collections. Each patchwork tray is made up of 6 separately sown and labelled colours. [...]


Published Date: 26 Jan 2013
Category: Spring Bedding
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23 Jan

Time to Order Spring Bedding Plants!


Filling your garden with colour year after year can be extremely expensive. Many of you do not have the time and space to grow your bedding plants from cost effective seeds. Our nursery staff have carefully nurtured your Plug Plants from seed, ensuring they have the best environment possible for successful germination. Plug Plants are [...]


Published Date: 23 Jan 2013
Category: Spring Bedding
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10 Aug

Not Sure How to Plant Out Your Autumn Garden Readies? Take a look at our YouTube Video!

GR planting out

Autumn Garden Ready Plants are the perfect way to add colour to your winter garden. Garden Ready Plants are slightly bigger than our Plug Plants but still brilliant value. On arrival Garden Ready Plants will measure approximately 6-10cm from root to tip and can be planted out straight away. We offer all your winter favourites [...]


Published Date: 10 Aug 2012
Category: Autumn Bedding, Gardening Advice
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30 May

Unsure How to Plant Your Easi Hanging Baskets? Take a Look at Our YouTube Video!


Hanging baskets have always been popular amongst gardeners because they’re so versatile. You can plant anything from flowers to fruit and vegetables in a hanging basket and they’re the perfect way to add colour to your garden. Hanging baskets are brilliant if you’re lacking space in your garden or simply want to brighten up the front [...]


Published Date: 30 May 2012
Category: Autumn Bedding, Spring Bedding
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08 May

Why We Love May!


It’s the start of summer and time to get out into the garden! The frost is behind us and summer brings the much anticipated return of beautiful, colourful blooms! Our stunning collection of summer-flowering garden ready plants are despatching this month. Just like plug plants, garden ready plants are an excellent value for money way [...]


Published Date: 08 May 2012
Category: Spring Bedding
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14 Jun

Magic Marigolds… Top Tip for June!


As we hit high-summer time, our tip for the month isn’t actually a proper tip but more of a recommendation really! As gardeners, the chances are that in amongst all the border plants we could well have a patch or three of marigolds. Apart from their skill at ‘colourblazing’ the garden, marigolds appear to be [...]


Published Date: 14 Jun 2011
Category: Gardening Advice
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27 May

Brighten Up Your Garden with Jewel Plants!


Creating a Jewel Garden is perfect for those gardeners who love rich, vivid colours. It doesn’t necessarily have to be well thoughout or planned to perfection, but don’t become complacent! It may lead to your Jewel garden needing more care. Imagine a garden spilling with extravaganze, filled to the brim with crystal brights. We have a brilliant selection [...]


Published Date: 27 May 2011
Category: Garden Ideas
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23 May

Create Bold Beds with Vibrant Colour!

Red, Orange and Yellow will fill your garden with warm summer colour.

Give your garden an instant lift with vibrant colour this summer. Create eye catching beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets with beautiful, bright flowers. It’s time to abandon spring pastels and look forward to fantastic colour combinations this summer.  Whether you want a mix of colours in your beds and borders or just one colour in your hanging baskets we [...]


Published Date: 23 May 2011
Category: Gardening Advice
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