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19 Apr

Fill Your Garden With Scent!

Scented Plants 140x140

Scent is often overlooked in gardens, as many people like to focus on the more obvious aspects of garden plants. It’s time to look beyond size, colour and shape and fill your garden with summer fragrance. Scented plants will attract local wildlife into your garden- watch butterflies, bees and birds flock into your garden. You [...]


Published Date: 19 Apr 2011
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18 Jul

All You Need To Know About Garden Ready Plants

An example of a garden ready plant with good roots

Garden ready plants: Just like plug plants, garden ready plants are an excellent value for money way of filling your garden with colour.   Garden ready plants are larger and more advanced than plug plants.  They are small but well rooted plants which are raised in cellular trays. One of the advantages of garden ready plants [...]


Published Date: 18 Jul 2010
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05 Jul

Fantastic selection of Autumn Bedding Plants

Primrose Valiant a perfect choice for Autumn, available as Plug Plants and Garden Ready Plants

Autumn Bedding Plants are a fantastic way of bringing colour to your garden throughout the winter.   The most popular bedding plants for Autumn include Pansies, Primroses and Violas.  There is nothing better than looking at your garden and seeing the smiling face of Primrose Sunshine or Pansy Mellow Yellow.  Here are some of our favourite [...]


Published Date: 05 Jul 2010
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11 Jun

Great value for money plants from Jersey Plants Direct

100 plug plant + 60 FREE for £9.99

This article from Jersey Plants Direct outlines all the bedding plant prices you need to get your garden ready this year. If you have a budget then use this guide to work out how many plants you can get for your garden. Read the bedding plant prices here. You’ll be surprised at how much you [...]


Published Date: 11 Jun 2010
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